Anti-Aging Skin Care

Skin Care to Slow the Signs of Aging

Anti-aging skin care should start in our 20s. A good mantra as we get older should be–it’s never too late. The undeniable and frustrating consensus among health care professionals is that those who have always followed a healthy lifestyle from infancy will age with grace. In our 20s, moderation, tofu and 30 minutes of speed walking a day seem a high price to pay to maintain an active life as we age. In our 20s, we’re immortal and immune from wrinkles, arthritis and belly fat.

That being said, the best way to maintain healthy, young skin is to start in your 20s with exercise and a healthy diet; but, repeat after me, it’s never too late.

There are ideal regiments for different ages, starting in your early 20s.

Early 20s Skin Care Regime

  • Exfoliate to encourage cell renewal, using a salicylic acid exfoliator, one to three times a week.
  • Use a cleanser with salicylic followed by an alcohol free toner to reestablish PH balance, daily.
  • Use a mask to help clean and tighten pores.
  • Replenish water content and a hyaluronic, a natural protein, moisturizer.

In Your 30s

  • Use a mild, soapless cleanser daily, followed by that alcohol free toner.
  • Three times a week, exfoliate with an enzyme scrub followed by a hydrating mask.
  • Start using antioxidant and anti-aging products. Now is the time to pay attention to the delicate skin around your eyes. That area is more delicate and produces less sebum, the oil that occurs naturally on the skin.

In Your 40s and Up

  • This is the age when we start to see the effect of collagen loss and the age when you can start to incorporate retinol products into your skin care. Apply at night and start with only three times a week until the skin becomes acclimated.
  • Hydration becomes more important in your cleansers and toners.
  • Look for antioxidants in your mask and moisturizers.
  • Be sure to pay as much attention to your neck and throat as you do your face.

What to Use?

Selecting skin care products can be confusing. Here are some things to look for:

  • Cleansers: Stick to products that are as chemical-free as possible. Scented body soaps and those with deodorants should not be used on your face. Even if you have an oily complexion, stay with mild, natural cleansers. Scrubs are good for removing dead skin cells and smoothing the skin’s surface. Avoid those with ground nuts or seeds as they could damage your skin. You want your skin invigorated, not sand blasted.
  • Moisturizers: Again, natural ingredients are the best. Ingredients to look for are vitamin E, aloe vera oil or squalene.
  • Toners: Astringents and toners with glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids work best to unclog and reduce pore size.
  • Anti-wrinkle products: As baby boomers hit their 40s and 50s, the number of anti-wrinkle products grew in equal proportion. Ingredients that have proven effective include DMAE, Coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, B, C and E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Meadowfoam oil.

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